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Window Garden Veg Ledge Shelf Starter Pack Bundle - Grow The Indoor Garden of Your Dreams. Create a Gorgeous Flower Window Decor, or an Edible Microgreen Herb Garden or Start Seeds for The Outdoors.

Brand: Window Garden


  • πŸƒ SAVE UP TO 20% - COMPLETE GROWING SYSTEM - Get the best deal with a Veg Ledge Bundle! Check them all out at our Amazon store. Multiple sizes, shapes and companion products make Window Gardening Easy, Fun and Productive. This bundle Includes – 1 - Double Veg Ledge (15" x 6"), 2 - Veg Ledge's (7.75" x 5.5"), 1 - Mulit-Use Planter Tray (15" x 6") 2 - Ledge Legs, 1 - Veg Dangler.
  • πŸƒPLANTS THRIVE - Closer to your window means more light, just like a mini greenhouse. More light means better growth and blooms. Grow a productive edible indoor kitchen garden of greens or an herb like basil, oregano and sage, or a bright colorful pot of African Violets.
  • πŸƒ THE ORIGINAL DEPENDABLE VEG LEDGE– The first and only dependable window shelf on the market. Unique weight bearing design coupled with powerful double-ridged suction cups adhere reliably to windows, mirrors and smooth tile. ***INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED***. Clean surface with alcohol wipes and microfiber cloth (included).
  • πŸƒ LOW PROFILE – Made of high quality clear acrylic (not cheap stamped out plastic) along with a minimalist design, preserves your window view while securely holding objects. Gives the effect of floating shelves so you can create a stunning window garden.
  • πŸƒ SAVES SPACE – Unclutter your windowsill and counter tops. Grow a vertical garden above your kitchen sink. Start seeds for your outdoor garden or planters. Grow Microgreens, Herbs or Flowers. Hang a plant or a birdfeeder or just use them to hold some beautiful objects.

Package Dimensions: 16.1 x 8.0 x 5.0 inches