Window Garden Double Veg Ledge Shelf Pop Up Cat Grass Kit Bundle - Grow Cat Grass on Your Indoor Window. Perfect Place for Growing Organic Non GMO Wheatgrass Treats for Cats, Out of Reach in The Sun

Brand: Window Garden


  • 🍃 SAVE UP TO 20% - COMPLETE GROWING SYSTEM - Get the best deal with a Veg Ledge Bundle! Check them all out at our Amazon store. Multiple sizes, shapes and companion products make Window Gardening Easy, Fun and Productive. This bundle Includes – 1 Double Veg Ledge (15" x 6"), 1 – Pop Up Cat Grass Kit (3 Pack)
  • 🍃 EASY SETUP, NO MESS -- Our indoor gardening kit includes Fiber Soil and seeds so you’re ready to grow in a matter of minutes! You just need to add ½ tablespoon of seeds and some water to the soil and you’re on your way to a nutritious and delicious cat treat in 10 days. The leak-proof pop-up bag and ease of use makes this is the perfect kit for beginner and advanced gardeners alike.
  • 🍃 THE ORIGINAL DEPENDABLE VEG LEDGE– The first and only dependable window shelf on the market. Unique weight bearing design coupled with powerful double-ridged suction cups adhere reliably to windows, mirrors and smooth tile. Holds up to 10 lbs. ***INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED***. Clean surface with alcohol wipes and microfiber cloth (included).
  • 🍃Fiber Soil - Includes 3 (1 Quart) Pop Up Fiber Soil Bags and 1.75 oz Organic Wheatgrass Seed with detailed Instructions. The unique straw - like fibers provide essential oxygen to plant roots, so roots can breath and flourish.
  • 🍃 IT’S GOOD FOR PETS – Cat grass helps to prevent blockages (hair balls) from hair they’ve ingested after cleaning themselves. It’s also good for dogs. Guinea pigs and rabbits benefit from cat grass in small quantities too. Give your pets a better choice than houseplants, which can be harmful.

Package Dimensions: 16.1 x 5.5 x 5.1 inches