NEW! Window Garden Bio Paper Pulp Seed Starting Kit - 5 Pack

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The All-In-One seed starting kit has everything you need to start growing. All you need is seed!

ALL-IN-ONE - All you need is seed! Everything is included, 5 paper pulp pots, trays, domes and 2 quarts of Fiber Soil.

BIODEGRADABLE PAPER PULP POTS - Made from recycled paper, they're strong, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Unlike peat pots that are made from a finite natural resource, using environmentally destructive processes.

NO TRANSPLANT SHOCK - Plant directly into the soil. Roots are not disturbed so your plant will get a strong start.

STRONGER SEEDLINGS - Paper pulp has a high air and water permeability. This creates dense roots instead of gnarled twisted roots that are common with container grown seedlings.

STURDY PLANT TRAY WITH HUMIDITY DOME - Keep your paper pulp pots contained and together. The humidity dome will help with germination. The paper pulp pots can get fragile after weeks of watering, the sturdy tray keeps everything together so you can easily transplant when it's time.