Press Release: Window Garden Releases Free Window Gardening Course to Celebrate 10 Years of Fighting Cancer with Plants

“To celebrate a decade of wellness, the Catalanos are offering free access to their 2020 “Food Independence Journey” at The window-to-table Food Independence Journey includes video instruction on window seed starting, succession planting timing, and plant-based meal prep for the 2020 season.”

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48-Hour Microgreens to Maintain Winter Health – GRIT

“A 2012 study by the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources demonstrating microgreens contain 4-40 times more nutrients than the same plants at maturity caught the Catalanos’ attention. The nutrient levels were so high that initially the researchers thought they had made a mistake, but the results were confirmed over and over.”

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Grow Tiny Gardens of Nutritious Micro-Greens in Your Window with These Kits

“Not everyone has room for a garden, but you can still get fresh home-grown greens by growing your own sprouts and micro greens,” writes TreeHugger’s Derek Markham

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Need More Greens? Start Small

“Still can’t get enough greens in your diet? A Lebanon couple plan to make it easier, fun, and downright groovy,” reports The Day’s Suzanne Thompson.

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