About Us

Our Journey

Hi! We are Lisa & Frank Catalano, owners of Window Garden. We want to introduce ourselves and tell you our story.

Window Garden is a small “Ma and Pa” business that develops indoor gardening products in our barn in rural Connecticut. 10 years ago, Frank was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 47. This was the beginning of the journey that led us to our Window Garden business.

Compelled to find an answer to WHY cancer exists, we spent hundreds of hours researching to find this answer. Everything we learned pointed to the FOOD we eat and the LIFESTYLE we live. With both us of raised in Italian families, we couldn’t imagine the thought of giving up cheese and meat. But when your life is on the line, it’s time to make some drastic life-changing decisions. We turned to a plant-based Diet 10 years ago, instead of considering the typical course of radiation that most doctors recommend.

Our journey began slowly; first vegetarian, then digging deeper to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. Not only did we feel better, all our test markers confirmed that we are healthier and Frank has halted the growth of his cancer.

During our research, we discovered that microgreens are a superfood that can aid the body in fighting cancer. We realized there was no easy way to grow them, which led to our KickStarter.com fundraising campaign called Microgreenz. This is how we invented the Veg Ledge Suction Cup Window Shelf and Window Garden was born.

We live our business every single day. We are not just selling cool indoor gardening products. We have a message that we want to share: growing your own food is the only way to know that what you are eating is good and clean. Gardening is fun and we hope to inspire you to start your own. We are truly thrilled to bring innovative and useful products that engage people in growing plants and hopefully we will make a difference in your life.

Discover the power of plants!

Now, let’s get growing!
Lisa & Frank 💕